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Diocese of Calahorra and La Calzada-Logroño

“More than a stop along the way, come and see”

All of our Christian communities open their hands to young people in August 2011 pilgrimage to Madrid to meet with the young Church and its Pastor. Thus more than 20 towns and cities in our small diocese wants to be the host center, and it will be for more than 4,200 young foreigners who have already signed up to come to our diocese and have filled the number of spaces provided.
The Diocese of Calahorra and La Calzada-Logroño, now coincides with the AutonomousCommunityofLaRioja. Ithasanareaof5,033km2. Itspopulationis 300,000, of which 98% are Catholic. It is organized into 11 vicariate, has 248 parishes,120parishresidents. There are 273 priest sincardinated, of which 68 work outside the diocese, 12 seminarians, 22 communities of consecrated life male and 54 female, plus 1 monastery of monks and 14 nuns, and 24 movements and associations of faithful ministry in addition to the many lay men and women who work in parishes and apostolic other church institutions or non-associated.
The first news of Calahorra Headquarters, told the know at the Peristephanon Prudencio, there talk of a baptistery erected in the place of martyrdom of the Roman soldiers Emeterio and Celedonio, Calahorra occurred around the year 300 AD.
However, you have to wait 463 years to find the first written expressly for a bishop, his name was Sylvanus.    So very early episcopal Calahorra has made to mark the subsequent history of the city.
The Diocese and therefore the region of La Rioja, has a very strong imprint on the stepofthewayofSantiagowhichrunseasttowest. Thishasmarkedfromarttothe very nature of its people, accustomed to receive the pilgrims and take care of all yourneedsbothfiscalandspiritual. Whathasmadeourlandisfulloffieldsofcrops and monasteries.
From this story we like to remember the great number of saints who have given this land to our church, and have left some of their mark and their imprint on our cities andtowns. Nottomentionmanyotherthings.
Our community saves art treasures in its numerous monasteries.    Of which in the Suso Monastery in San Millán de la Cogolla is the birthplace of the first words written in Spanish that are conserved. You can follow the numerous tracks of dinosaurs in eastern tattooed. And immerse yourself in wine culture . Discovering the huge scar art, stories and legends of the Camino de Santiago as it passes through our land.

Days and WYD program in La Rioja (11 to 15 August)

Thursday 11/08/2011 Logroño Admission
  • Welcome reception and delivery of youth and participant kit Palacio de los Deportes de Logroño (10:00 h to 19:00 h)
  • TransfertothePlazadelAyuntamiento. VisittheCapitalandaccompanying Logroño groups of volunteers.
  • HostsentenceatthePalaciodelosDeportesledbyourBishopD. JuanJosé Omella
  • Local host group accommodation. Dinner Distribution of host families from the parishes Prayer and / or Eucharist each in its placement.
Friday 12/08/2011 Living in reception area
  • Local breakfast accommodation for groups and families. Activities for local involvement and reception area. Lunch at local host. Making contact with the culture and ethnography of the host community. Dinner at local host.
    Celebration organized by the local host. Afternoon activities in the host town. Estimated Number of Participants: about 4,700.
Saturday 13/08/2011 Hits by La Rioja

This day provides an opportunity to meet with the history of faith in our Diocese, through its people, famous people and monuments. Just as with art, culture, history, nature and ethnography of the region. By a choice of routes: Route of the Monasteries, Pathways of Art, Camino de Santiago, Culture ethnographic Wine Nature Parks, etc.

  • Local breakfast accommodation for groups and families.
  • Visitors to cultural, religious and leisure reception area outside.
  • Picnic.
  • Cultural tourism activities outside reception area.
  • Dinner at local host.
  • Celebration organized by local hosting committee.
  • Estimated Number of Participants: about 4,700
Sunday 14/08/2011 Calahorra shipping Fiesta
  • Local breakfast accommodation for groups and families
  • Travel to Calahorra
  • 12:00 Chupinazo Prefiestas in Calahorra-PreJMJ Madrid 2011
  • 14:00 Lunch in the park
  • 15:00 Festival activities Cidacos Park
  • 18:00 Beginning of March-Young festive procession
  • 19:30 Sending mass at Plaza de Toros (Calahorra)
  • Option 1 20:00 bus back into local housing
  • Option 2 21:00 Dinner at the Park Cidacos
  • 22:00 Option 2 cont.    Verbena in Cidacos Park
  • 00:00 Option 2 cont.    Back to buses to local housing
  • Estimated Number of Participants: about 7,000
Monday 15/08/2011 Madrid foreign output
  • Local breakfast accommodation for groups and families
  • Festivals of the Virgin in local communities from La Rioja.
  • Departure of foreign groups to Madrid.

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